je'suis elle

some nights
i forget
who you
some nights
i miss you
so much
i forget

"Clear your

and there
is where
you’ll find
the love
you’ve been
searching for
in others… “
is what I tell myself.


Forgiveness rises like laughter from my throat
Where harm was felt, were merely dreams

Light upon the path of all, even those who stop to throw stones
We have yet to learn we all are one

bread crumbs

if you don’t
get that
from home,
then you go
into the world
(reverse) -
and get eaten
by the wolves.

"just the tip"

- 3word Story


I’m a leaf
floating through
the days,
blowing away
from careless
ways; hands
wanting to tear me
for their own
foolish pleasures
I’m a leaf
seeking shelter
on bare branches,
in which shake me off
cause the timing is wrong;
not this season
it whispers to the wind
I’m a leaf
shivering alone
waiting to be picked
and carried home

got used to
the idea 
of goodbye.
it started off
with a pain
from the tip of
my toes
through the
veins of my heart
now, I see you
and those
same butterflies
that danced
on sight
(of you)
lay in the wake 
with their
wings clipped
to the side. 


inside the moon
(shaped smile)
lay on a hammock,


is the outcome
of hungry wants
is what you 
not with 
your heart. 

Anonyme a demandé: If you were a rose I would never trim your thorns.

Oh, but I am. 

Just hold my stem
with fragility,
with care

so you don’t get stuck.
But, even if my thorns do
poke you,
please remember it comes with
the beauty of being a rose.

There is no love without pain;
for I am just a rose. 

((thank you))


Whatsapp exchange:

Me: What’s up?

Granny: I have a sore throat.

Me: Get wetter, Granny!

Granny: …

Me: NOOooooooooooo!!!!!

**AC is a beast. I wanted her to get better. Better. BETTER.

that awkward moment when the creepy guy doesn’t know he’s the creepy guy, and declination seems to fuel his pseudo-confidence. 


he’s no longer
yours to think
about, so you
don’t and you
feel the peace
settling in as
your heart
thump its way
back to normalcy

You no longer
have a choice, 
but I’ll keep
love(ing) until 
the hurt fades